Meet the Mendoncas

One of the best things about Joey coming into our life is all of the extra people the come along with him.  We've known his family for a long time but all of his friends are new, welcomed additions to our extended family.   Joey has soooo many "buddies" that it's hard to keep up with all of them (and their spouses and children.) This particular family is one of my favorites.  Meet the Mendoncas! John, Julie, Anthony and Breana are frequent guests (and regulars for #soupsuppersunday.)  We've enjoyed hosting the Mendoncas so much that I've even started to collect toys for them to play with they come over.  We've become very attached.

Today was a special day.  Joey and Sierra were named Breana's Godparents at her baptism.  I've decided that Leroy and I are kind of like "Great" Godparents.  Makes sense, right?