1,000 Words: Third Birthday

I can't go through a St. Patrick's Day without thinking of Steel's third birthday.  He only asked for one thing.  All he wanted was to go to school.  Since he had to be three to go to attend pre-school, he knew he had to wait until after his birthday. Right after his birthday, we signed him up at St. Stanislaus Preschool and he was so excited.  He only went half day, twice a week, but he loved every minute of it.

One day in March, he came home with a picture that he had colored.  Printed on the paper was an image of St. Patrick.  I asked Steel to tell me about the picture.  I wanted to know who it was in the picture...

He said... "I don't know his name but he said 'SNAKES!  SNAKES!  Get out o' Ireland!"