The "Hair Selfie"

I thought it about time I sat down and explained the hair selfie.

It all started in the fall of 2014.  I was watching a CCHS football game and sitting next to CC Alum and current Oregon Duck, Johnny Mundt.   It is a special feeling to watch the boys from Friday nights move on to play in the NCAA on Saturdays and a particular thrill when they come home to visit.  I was trying to sneak in a selfie (with Johnny in the background) but I couldn't manage to fit us both in the frame.  (Short girl problems.)  Deciding that showing all of Johnny and just the top of my head (which was proof I was there too) was sufficient.

Later on that evening, I caught up with another CC Alum/Oregon Duck, Spencer Stark.  Spencer too is significantly taller than me so I used the same approach.

Both posts were a HUGE hit on social media.

I also employed the technique when running across NFL Coach Steve Mariucci.  I wasn't brave enough to ask him for a photo, so I just snapped one with my hair (and Mariucci in the background.)  After that... I began using the theme on a regular basis.  When people ask me why, I just reply that I'm just not very good at selfies.  The truth is... I hate pictures of myself, but want to be included for historical documentation.  Win/Win.

Another one of my favorite stories about my "hair selfies" is from Sierra's bridal shower.  Three of my sweet nieces asked if I would pose for a picture with them.  I said of course... but then they said they really just wanted my hair... not my face.  They wanted to be in an Aunt Kelli Hair Selfie... so I obliged.  So much fun!

Yes, they are silly.  And yes... I'll still post them because they make people smile.  After all, making people smile is the best part of social media.

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