Hey Kid: Wallet Size

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It's been a long time since I've written to you, but that doesn't mean you haven't been on my mind.  On the contrary.  You've been on my mind A LOT lately.  Oh the plans I'm making for us!

Many, many, years ago... long before you came along, we used to carry around wallets.  A "wallet" was not just an app on your phone.  It was a small, compartment style device that would hold our identification, credit cards, money... and for a while it even carried pictures.  This is the way we would show off our family and loved ones when we met up with friends and family.  (Before phones had cameras and pictures and way before Facebook.)  Photos were specifically printed in "wallet" size so that they could be easily carried and displayed on the go.

For Christmas (2015) Chief got a new wallet.  A new, physical wallet.  This version (because there have been many over his lifetime) is a scaled down model and much thinner to fit easily in his pocket (if necessary.)  He decided that he no longer had the need or the room to carry around the pictures that he had transferred, year after year; wallet after wallet for the last 30+ years.  (Yes 30 years... The photo I gave him when we first started dating was in there too!)

Today (February 2016) Chief gave these pictures back to me for safe keeping.  I had to laugh.  I couldn't believe that he had kept them for so long... (And for what purpose?  NONE of us look like this in 2016.)  I guess hold habits die hard.   The captions are from the back of the photos  (Yeah... we used to do that too when we were super organized.  Sure glad I was in that habit.)

(Photos in post below.  If you're reading this via email, please click on the link to see the images.)

These photographs still make me smile and bring a flood of wonderful memories of when your parents were young (and Chief and I were young too.)

Well... We've come a long way baby!  I thought you'd enjoy seeing these photos.  I'll save them for you.

Love, Granny


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