Hey Kid: Ready, Set, Go!

Hey Kid,

About three and a half years ago (Fall 2012) I realized that I had reached a different stage of life.  It didn’t happen overnight… and I’m not sure when the transition actually started to occur, but I understood that my role and my calling were changing.  With age comes wisdom and I knew that embracing change would be a lot easier (and a lot more fun) than fighting against it.

One of the most striking epiphanies was that I was actually looking forward to becoming a grandparent.  So weird.

I’ve always heard from friends and family how awesome it is to have grandchildren.  My brother Curtis once told me that if he knew how much fun grandkids were he would have had them first!  I myself had terrific grandparents and watched my parents and my in-laws enjoy the grandkids too.  But until 2012, it was an inconceivable role for me.

And then suddenly, it wasn’t.

That’s when I decided to dedicate my blog to writing letters to my future grandkids. There are important things you need to know and life is short.  At that time I wasn’t convinced (and I’m still not) that I’d be around to teach you all I wanted you to know.  So I got a head start.  I wrote to you every day in 2013 and a few times after as well. This is my 371st letter to you and there are more to come.  To read the rest of the letters, click the "Hey Kid" category on the blog's home page.

But today’s post is different… because you’re on your way. (Well, at least the the oldest is on the way.)

On my 48th birthday I received the best gift ever… Sierra and Joey told me that I am now, officially, a Granny.  (Due November 2016.)  I can’t begin to describe how thrilled we are with this news.  I’ve imagined it for so long, but nothing compares to the reality.  I’ve loved you for a very long time and now I get to act on that emotion and I am counting the days.

We have a lot to do to get ready for your arrival. Your grandfather (previously known as “Chief” in the blog posts) has decided to go by the name of “Grandpa” so I’ll be calling him that from now on in my letters. (It took him a little longer to get used to the whole “grandparent” idea but he’s on board now!)  I like “Grandpa.”  It suits him.  And when he’s grouchy, we’ll call him “Grump-pa.”

I’ve started calling you Olive(r) because “it” or “the baby” seems so impersonal.  I don’t think your parents are going to stick with it (Olive or Oliver Oliveira is a little redundant) but I think it’s a fine name in the mean time.   I pronounce it Olive…er.  That way it works for either a boy or girl.

This is your first picture… and I think you are beautiful (even if you look like a blob.)

I love you more,