Sierra is scheduled for a sonogram on May 21st. We're hoping to learn the sex of lil' baby Olive(r.)  People ask me all the time what I think... Well, the answer is simple (I don't know) to complicated. Since Sierra is my daughter (feminine) and I only know how to relate to her as a female, when I think of the baby (now a part of Sierra) I think female... but that's only a guess. Not even a hunch.  If you consider "Wives Tale Gender Predictions" the results (are below...)

    1. Heart Rate = Girl
    2. Sweet/Salty/Sour = Boy
    3. Chinese Birth Chart = Boy
    4. Morning Sickness = Girl

So what's your guess?  Vote in our poll!  We'll post the answer as soon as we know!  (Hopefully, sometime on Sunday, May 22nd.)

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