Lil Granny and Lil Grandpa

A couple of years ago I was appreciating some travel photos of one of my friends on Facebook.  She was in Washington DC (for work, I think) and didn’t have her small boys with her.  She posted the traditional travel photos including the view from her seat on the plane and monuments, but she always included a Matchbox car in the shot.  I loved this idea and vowed to use it when I became a grandparent.

You have to admit, it’s a lot more exciting to see where the car went (opposed to just looking at a strange landscape.)  But the thing I loved the most was the underlying message that wherever she went, no matter how far away, she was always thinking of her boys.  The car gives perspective and personal connection and will turn an average, boring photo into a treasured memory.

So here’s my version!

Meet Lil’ Grandpa and Lil’ Granny!  This is my answer for our traveling shots.  There are two pieces so we can post on our solo trips or combined when we are together.  If you look close enough, you’ll realize that these figures are not accurate representatives of Leroy and me.  I would be holding the dog (and probably the pie too.)  And while the apron, glasses and sandals are a good match, Lil’ Granny has way too much hair.

Obviously Lil’ Grandpa’s hairstyle isn’t up to Leroy’s standards either.

You might (hopefully) be seeing these two quite a bit on social media.  I’ve been learning how to post to Instagram “Stories” (not as simple as it sounds) and will be using that platform a lot in the near future.

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