The only way to become a better writer is to write. (And of course read too, but that’s another post.) While I love to write, I have not made it a priority until recently. I am continually looking for inspiration. I signed up to receive writing prompts twice a month, and they’ve been helpful. (My posts about coffee cups and hands came from these prompts.) The most recent prompt was “Abundance,” and in a year in which I am focused on the word “Less,” my initial reaction was dread. That is until I stopped to think about the abundance that I have found in my pursuit of less.

The old saying that “less is more” is one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned in 2019. We are realizing (slowly but surely,) that less creates space for something else and if you’re doing it right, that something else is always something better. When focus and attention are directed at the things, people, places, experiences that we love, the feeling of abundance is overwhelming. This state can only happen when the path is cleared and the obstacles removed. In our pursuance of less, we’ve found a simplicity, order, and harmony to our life that we are enjoying immensely; abundantly. The clarity that has come as a result of simplification has made way for peacefulness and contentment that is beyond anything we had hoped for or expected.

And this is just the beginning.

My advice to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by anything, (stuff, tasks, obligations, work, content, relationships, etc.) is to step back and start removing the unnecessary excess. It will take some time to build momentum and to feel a difference. Initially, it may seem like another thing to do. But once you realize creating space for something better is the best way to invite abundance into your life, you will become so energized that it won’t seem like a chore. Every moment of more creates less. And every moment of less creates more. We get to choose which path we walk.