Celebrating Shark Week

Several years ago, I was stuck in a job I hated. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciated the fact that I had a job because we needed the money. But the situation was frustrating and not fulfilling, and I dreaded each day.

One day at work (in one of my more depressed periods) I was lamenting the fact that I was stuck reporting to a position that I hated and mourning the freedom (of unemployment) that I once enjoyed. To make matters worse, my exasperated whining was during Shark Week. I would have given anything to be home, sitting on my couch, munching on popcorn, and watching Shark Week episodes. I wished I had taken a week of vacation for Shark Week.

Now, many of you may be asking, “What is Shark Week?” It’s an entire week of television programming dedicated to shows about sharks on The Discovery Channel. For the last 30+ years, the network has dedicated a full week (usually in the summer) to programs about real, live sharks. Now, you might be asking, “What’s the big deal?” Well, it isn’t really unless you make it a big deal. When you feel like your life is going nowhere, and there are a million other places you’d rather be, even a simple thing like Shark Week sounds like a great escape. Every year when Shark Week would come around, I would inevitably get sucked into a program and have to sit down and watch it. They are just so fascinating. (That’s the nerdy side of me talking.)

That year, at the lousy job, I promised myself (in the midst of all of my moaning and complaining) that if I ever had the chance to celebrate Shark Week as it ought to be observed (I.e., have the freedom to do what I wanted for the week) I would never let another season go by without the proper attention it deserved!

Flash forward to the last several years. I have kept that promise to myself. Shark Week is a really, big deal in our house. (At least for me.)

The first form of excitement comes when the Discovery Channel releases the dates. (Unfortunately, it’s not a set date every year, so I have to wait to plan.) Then I mark off the entire week as to not schedule something that I don’t necessarily want to do. I begin to look for new decorating and food ideas. I pull out my box of “Shark Week” decor that I’ve collected over the years and begin to plan.

Now that we have Jameson, our celebration has increased to a whole new level. Last year, I borrowed a shark costume (of which, Jameson was not a fan) and greeted all of our guests in it all week long. (Thank you, Lindsey, for the loan.) We’ve gone on field trips (Build A Bear) and hosted watch parties with friends (and Shark Week Newbies.) A dear friend even whipped out her sewing machine and created a spectacular shark tail for Jameson and delivered it personally. (Cindy, you’re the best!)

Shark Week 2018 - Before Jameson realized how much he loved Shark Week!

Our 2019 Shark Week Celebration will be fabulous too! We’ll kick off the week with dinner with the family on Sunday. Jameson comes over on Monday, so we’ll continue the party with some water-play (his favorite) and maybe an art activity. I am hosting a dinner for friends, which will include “shark inspired” food and I will end the week out to lunch with my bestie! (Get ready, Joan!) Of course, the rest of the days will be filled with watching episode after episode about sharks on the Discovery Channel.

Life, like Shark Week, is short. Don’t waste a minute of it wishing you were somewhere else. Revel where you are and the gift of your life just as it is today. Plan the party and celebrate every moment!

Psst - It’s not too late! Shark Week 2019 begins July 28, 2019. Check your local listings for programming information.