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We are sad to announce the passing of our beloved Dauschund, Daisy. She was also known as Sis, Sissy, Sissy Girl, and Daisy Duke. Her full name was Little Miss Daisy XXIV and she was born on May 2, 2004, to her breeders, our aunt and uncle Amos and Paula Rocha in Livingston, California. Daisy joined our family six weeks later after Leroy surrendered to our whining and begging for a house dog. It didn't take long for Daisy to teach us her preferences which included; a regular bedtime, canned dog food, sleeping on our laps and burrowing underneath blankets to sleep.

In 2008, Daisy slowly welcomed her beloved companion Charlie. Although she was not initially thrilled with Charlie's presence, Daisy learned to love him and was happy to clean his teeth after every meal.

Some of the things we will never forget about Daisy:

- Sitting on our feet so she didn't have to touch the cold tile.

- Running laps around the house.

- Begging for food from our guests.

- Pooping in the closet when she was mad at us.

- Meticulously cleaning bits of dog food from Charlie's teeth.

- Keeping the kitchen floor spotless clean and crumb free.

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Daisy had some special friends in her life. Her favorite dogsitters Uncle Glade and Aunt Pam loved her. She also loved her most recent dog-sitter, Landon. Daisy's friend Kenny Galas would always make her pee with excitement. Her cousin Austin always offered his large, warm lap for sleeping and she demanded (and received) attention from every boyfriend Sierra ever brought home (including the last one.)

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