December Daily

Over the last few years I returned to my hobby of scrapbooking on a digital level only.  At one time I had quite the collection of crap... umm.... I mean "craft" supplies that mostly gathered dust and went unused.  I dumped it all on a friend when we moved from the dairy and I'll be forever grateful for her taking the stuff off my hands.  I didn't miss the stuff, but I missed the memory-keeping.

Now I do everything digitally, either on my phone or computer.  I still print out pages, but I don't have the endless clutter of supplies.  Most of the time, I use an app called "Project Life" which makes the layouts and designs quite simple.  Occasionally, I will use Photoshop to create pages, but I like the ease of making simple design choices through the app in the palm of my hand.

This is the first year that I'll be documenting the whole month using the concept of "December Daily."  Each day in December I'll create a page with photos and words to describe our traditions, activities and memories of the holiday season.  Since this blog is another tool for preserving our family memories, I'll be sharing a few of the photos and text as posts on here as well.