Honeymoon In The Poconos

When Leroy and I were first married, we were broke and we used to daydream and fantasize about the life ahead of us.  We didn’t travel much but we thought that a honeymoon in The Poconos (just like they talked about in the movies) sounded wonderfully romantic and luxurious (and way out of reach for us.)

Fast forward 31 years.

When Leroy realized that CC Football had a bye week in October, he suggested we go somewhere on a quick vacation.  We immediately got on the waiting list for our time share in Maui and were pleasantly surprised when we scored a reservation for 4 days in a 1 bedroom unit.  We were very excited.  A few weeks later, Leroy was online looking at other reservations and realized the October trip to Maui was no longer showing up on our reservation list.  He called and was told that the trip had been cancelled online.  Leroy insisted that he didn’t do it and the time-share company couldn’t do anything about it.  We was devastated.  

I told him to just look for something else for the same time frame and he found a great deal on a unit in Pennsylvania.  All I knew about Pennsylvania is that is where Lancaster County (Amish Country) is located so I was intrigued.  I pulled it up on the map and realized the resort property is right in the heart of The Poconos Mountain range!  A dream come true.  We also then realized that we were 90 minutes away from New York City (Leroy had never been) and 90 minutes away from Lancaster County (a bucket list item for me.) We found cheap flights into New Jersey and booked the trip!

We spent one full day in Lancaster County, PA (Intercourse and Bird-In-Hand) and one full day in New York City.  The rest of the trip was spent exploring the beautiful Poconos Mountains and the lovely little towns around the resort.  We were about 2 weeks too early to see the full splendor of the fall colors, but the trees literally changed everyday, right before our eyes.

We will definitely be back to this part of the country (especially to spend more time in Lancaster County) and to this beautiful resort.  You can check out my pictures and captions by clicking below.