Jameson at 2 (and a half)

One of the traditions we’ve started (for our grandchildren) is celebrating the Half Birthday. (Halves are significant to a young child.) There are a few things that we include in the celebration: Water, Oreos, and a photo session.

Jameson did not appreciate hearing the Happy Birthday song when he arrived in the morning. He really hates that song. He hid behind Sierra until I stopped singing. He then enjoyed his usual breakfast of two eggs (scrambled) and a banana.

Jameson’s favorite TV show is still the “Puppy Dog Pals” on Disney Junior. I think he has all of the episodes memorized. It’s fun to watch his anticipation and reaction to the events in the story. This kid is invested. He stresses out at the conflict and celebrates the ultimate victory. His favorite episode is called “Puppies and Duckies” where the ducks and pups march in a line.

We’re so glad the weather is warming up again, and we can go in the backyard to play. Jameson does not care for the new sandbox he got for Easter, but he does love to play in the water and with the big, rubber ball. He can stay out there for a long time but doesn’t like it when the neighbor’s dog barks. When that happens, he usually asks to come back inside. He’s terrific about wearing his hat while he’s outside (a rule we set early on) and cleaning up when he’s finished.

With Leroy’s mom (Bisavó) still recovering from surgery, I’ve had Jameson three days a week for the last couple of months, but that’s about to change. He started a new preschool this week and will now be attending three days a week. I will have him on Mondays only and Doralice will have him on Fridays.

We can’t believe how fast the time has gone and we look forward to each and every birthday (and half birthday) celebrations to come.