Jameson Update - Day 460

Jameson loves to howl like a coyote!  (Yes, I'm the one who taught him that trick!)


A thought came to me the other day. I was thinking about the blog (and my need/desire to get back into a writing habit) and it occurred to me that I should write another Jameson update.  I looked back through my posts (going all the way back to his birth in October 2016) and realized that my last update was over a year ago.  He was only 78 days old and today he is 460 days.  (15 months old for those of us who are terrible at math.)

Too much has happened since that last post.  We’ve reached (and passed) many developmental milestones.  Each one celebrated with joy and the smallest hint of sadness.  The days are long, but the years are short.  I know that these years pass way too quickly, and I constantly remind myself to treasure each and every moment while they last.

Jameson spends the work week with me.  He arrives (via his Uber driver whom we affectionately call Mom) around 6:40am.  He is happy and awake and quite hungry.  This kid loves to eat (and I love to feed him.)  He starts each day with 2 eggs (scrambled) and usually a banana or some berries (raspberries are his favorite, but he’s not picky.)

After breakfast, he plays for a while (or looks for Grandpa) and usually goes down for a morning nap between 7:30-8:00am.

Upon waking, we usually catch a stimulating episode of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” (his favorite) or Puppy Dog Pals (a close 2nd.)  Late morning lunch is served upon demand.  Lately he’s been enjoying peanut butter (with a little, local honey) sandwiches and milk.  His favorite playtime activities include:  Chasing Charlie, pushing his grocery cart around the house, reading books, chewing on Legos and climbing around in the ball pit.  He loves to look out the window and watch the neighbors (in the front) or the dogs (in the back) and he’s always up for a game of hide-and-seek.

Afternoon nap comes around 2:00pm.  He never protests.  All I have to do is lay him down in the crib and give him his pacifier.  (But I do still play the white-noise for him while he sleeps.)

Up about 3:30-4:00pm, another snack and Mom arrives around 4:40pm for the ride home.

Just last week, he decided that it is much more efficient to walk everywhere (instead of his previous Army crawl.)  We started Monday with still holding on to wall sand furniture, but by the end of the week he was walking “free-range” all around the house.  He holds his hands in the air (apparently that makes it easier) and squeals with delight at his progress.

This poor boy has been teething for weeks.  It looks as though they are all coming at once.  (All the better to eat with, my dear.)

Jameson spends Tuesday mornings with his great-grandparents (Leroy’s parents) and has them completely smitten.  They look forward to his weekly visits and he enjoys the time as well (including the great meals.)

Jameson is the happiest boy and he absolutely adores his Granny and Grandpa.  We love the consistent feeling of full hearts and persistent smiles on our faces because of the joy this boy brings each and every moment we spend with him.  It is difficult to describe.  I just don’t know what we did without him.