Pacific Crest Ride

We're off on an adventure!  I have always wanted to see the Oregon coast as well as join in on a Harley Davidson ride and now the dream is about to come true... Well.  Sort of.  Since we don't have a Harley... we'll be following along in a rental car.  Not nearly as cool, but it works.  

We're flying to Portland, renting a car and joining up with ride in Coos Bay, Oregon.  (Real people on real motorcycles.)  From there we will be traveling up the coast to end up back in Portland to fly home.

I've been studying up on my biker terminology.  Apparently, our ride (aka: rental car) is considered a "Cage."  Since we only drive in automobiles, we're known as "Cagers."  (If a Harley rider owns an automobile, the vehicle is known as a "Grocery Getter.")

You can follow along on our adventure on social media using the hashtag #cagerrager2017

Pray for us (me.)

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