Movie Days

One of the best things about moving and living in Hilmar is the neighbors that surround us.  It was the first time (in all of our moves) that we felt truly welcomed by everyone around us.  I was even able to talk a few of them into coming over for soup last fall.

It was during one of those soup nights that we started discussing Disney movies.  I confessed that I was woefully behind on my movie watching and that I needed to get caught up to so I could be an informed Granny once Jameson arrived.  The following week, the girlswho live across the street came back with a complete list of all movies that I should watch.  I had seen several of the movies on the list, but not all.  I told the girls we should watch them together.

Well… Fast forward to the beginning of summer and I figured it was time to get started on the list.  I made a schedule of “Movie Days” that started the first week of summer vacation and ended just before they went back to school.  Once a week we’d watch 2 movies on the list.  It was a “come as you are, if you are able, no obligation” invitation.  There were a couple of weeks we took off (for vacation) and one I had to cancel (schedule conflict) but for the most part I had movie guests each week.

I had a lot of fun with these girls and of course Jameson loved the attention (when he was awake.)  We watched a lot of movies and I introduced them to a few of my favorites too.   We even celebrated Shark Week with a few episodes from The Discovery Channel.  

I still have a long way to go but it’s a lot more fun to share movies with friends.  We might have to schedule a day or two during the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

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