One and a Half

One of the best things about Grand-parenting is creating new traditions.  We both (Leroy and I) have big plans for things we want to do with Jameson and the rest of our grandkids.  Some of these activities will be “once-in-a-lifetime” and some will be annual.

Since the parents get to plan and execute the annual birthday celebration… Granny and Grandpa will host the “Half Birthday Party.”  I remember that being “a half” is a really big deal when you’re counting your age, so we’ve decided to celebrate it. 

Tomorrow, April 27, 2018 will be Jameson’s Half Birthday.  (He’ll be turning 1-1/2!)  We won’t get to see him tomorrow, so we celebrated today!

I took him to the park yesterday for a quick photo shoot and it did not go as planned.  Jameson was not a fan (and we didn’t stay very long.)

He was more cooperative in the backyard.

When he arrived this morning, we welcomed him with balloons, a birthday banner, birthday cake and (of course) a present.

The day ended as all days should… Naked in a swimming pool, eating Oreos.