One Little Word

I have always loved learning and one of the wonderful things about the internet is the easy access to a lot of opportunities to learn.  Do you want to know more about a subject?  You can find a class (or at least a YouTube video) for anything.  Anything.  Whenever I am working on a project in Photoshop (no formal training and way more powerful than my basic skill level) I have two windows open on the desktop.  One with Photoshop and one with YouTube.  When I can’t figure out (or remember) how to do something, I simply search for a video and step by step instructions are provided for me.

One of the classes that I came across a year ago was One Little Word (facilitated by Ali Edwards.) Ali is a superstar in the scrapbook world and teaches classes on storytelling and scrapbooking (both with physical product and digital.) But the One Little Word project is a little different.  In the simplest of terms, you choose a word for yourself that you’d like to think about throughout the year.  There are no expectations, no demands or promises.  You’re invited to just be curious about the word and see where the adventure leads you.  Through a series of monthly prompts (or tasks) Ali makes suggestion on different ways to examine or experience your word.  She does a much better job of explaining the whole thing in this brief video.

2018 is my first time participating in the One Little Word project but I can tell you that this will be an annual commitment for me.  I have enjoyed the entire process enormously, and have made some big life changes (for the better) as a result of inviting this word into my daily routine.  Some of the goals that I originally set were blown away almost immediately, and now I’m working on things I would have never even considered a year ago.  I love this project and anxiously await the new prompt at the first of each month.  (I have already chosen my word for 2019.)

For $26, I was granted access to the “OLW” Facebook group, receive monthly newsletters and prompts with videos (from Ali demonstrating how she is working with her own word) as well as digital files for memory keeping. Ali is in the business of selling scrapbook products, but none of the stuff is necessary to participate in One Little Word.  You can improvise with a journal.  Documenting is an important part of the process, but there is no right or wrong way to do it. Ali says, “the project is more important than the product.”

I read a lot of self-help, motivational, inspirational books and I always glean something from the words, but this project has been different.  Just the simple act of being mindful of a simple, single word had made a tremendous difference in my health, happiness and focus.  This project has been a lot of fun and I wanted to spread the word just in case someone else may be interested.  If you sign up and want to form a local, One Little Word group, let me know and we’ll set something up.

For more information, visit Ali’s site.  Her “One Little Word” products and class for 2019 went on sale today and can be found here but keep in mind you don’t need to do all of the artsy-farts things with all of the stuff to participate.

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