Oregon Coast - Day 1

Our #cagerrager2017 adventure has begun!  We flew from Oakland to Portland and drove south to Coos Bay.  We stopped a few times along the way including a mandatory Costco visit in Salem.  (One of our favorite things to do when traveling.)  It didn't take long to remember why we love this state.  Everything is so green and plush... and we really enjoyed the wonderfully mild temperature.  (Currently the temperature in Hilmar is above average at 105 for a high.)  When we left home last night, our air-conditioning was not working so escaping the heat was delightful!

The pictures on the water are from Coos Bay.  This inlet is directly across the street from our hotel.  (See if you can spot the flying bird and the baby in the nest.)  We'll spend one night here and meet up with the rest of the "ride" (the real motorcycle people) tomorrow.